PXL Designs, LLC has created a few software titles on top of client projects. Most or all are free for non-commercial use, you can read more about our licenses by visiting the Creative site. Click on one of the titles below to download, install, and read more about some of our applications.


Attest is a unique practice exam engine in a few ways. The goal in mind when building this application was to offer fellow Flex Developers a standard way of measuring their readiness when preparing to take the Adobe Flex 3 Developer Certification. Of course we, as Flex or Flash developers, know that combing through the Adobe livedocs can be tedious. With thousands of pages to read through, how do we know which ones to focus on? This is where Attest comes in. The countless hours of pouring through code can be shortened dramatcially by utilizing Attest in your quest for certification. Attest already did the hard work for you, now you just need to focus on the information provided.


What is MyStylez? If you're looking for a cool FREE light weight application that gives you complete, granular control over your MySpace layouts then you came to the right place. There's tons of free graphics online to mix and match and customize your layouts on MySpace but there's only one sweet app that'll run on your desktop whether you're connected to the internet or not, and let you save as many edited layout codes as you want.

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