About Attest 3:

Attest 3 is a unique practice exam engine in a few ways. The goal in mind when building Attest 3 was to offer fellow Flex Developers a standard way of measuring their readiness when preparing to take the Adobe Flex 4 Developer Certification. Of course we, as Flex or Flash developers, know that combing through the Adobe livedocs can be tedious. With thousands of pages to read through, how do we know which ones to focus on? This is where Attest 3 comes in. The countless hours of pouring through code can be shortened dramatcially by utilizing Attest 3 in your quest for certification. Attest 3 already did the hard work for you, now you just need to focus on the information provided.

New features for Attest 3 include randomized exams, you can choose 59 (full) or 30 question (mini) exams, timed/untimed, and choose whether or not to have access to the answers as you go along. All results in this version open in your system's default browser so there's easy access to bookmarking. Attest 3 also comes with learning section Flex, with links to important resources to help you learn, some of which you may not have been aware of.

Attest 3 emulates the actual Adobe Flex 4 ACE certification exam in that it focuses on the topics relevant to the exam itself. It is not a teaching tool for beginners to Adobe Flex, but rather it is a helpful program to hone your skills specifically in line with passing this exam. The tests give you 90 minutes to complete 59 questions, mini exams allow 45 minutes for 30 questions. When you finish a test, you will be shown your results page with a window that breaks down the percentages of each area you got correct. For example, the Adobe Flex exam usese five sections to make up the exam: UI, System Architecture, Programming Fundamentals, Interacting with Data, and AIR. Attest 3 uses the same set up and percentages to gauge your strengths and weaknesses in order to help you study for exam day.


Attest 3 is the commercial and free versions of the prodcut. The trial is set for 99 days (the max for the AIR Marketplace) and you get one mini exam to help study. If you want to purchase the full version, you have access to the full exam and learning material.
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