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What does Attest do?

Finally! A practice exam engine for the Adobe Flex 3 Developer Certification.

Attest was engineered to help the growing community of Adobe Flex Developers achieve the Adobe Flex 3 with AIR certification. By focusing primarily on the information and skillset required by the actual Adobe exam, Attest is currently the ONLY mock/practice exam on the market to help Flex Developers attain the goal of becoming an Adobe Flex 3 with AIR Certified Developer. Although there are excellent books on the market to help learn Flex, there is currently nothing in the way of helping you hone your skills and read up on exactly the type of information needed to achieve this goal. That is, until Attest came along.

Attest 1.8.5 was created as a joint effort between Dave Flatley at PXL Designs, LLC and Holly Schinsky at Rich Desktop Solutions, Inc. These two veteran Adobe Flex Developers and software engineers know the ins and outs of Flex, and decided that Attest should be free for non-commercial use and the Flex community at large, or anyone looking to become a certified developer.

Attest is geared to help you make the most of your studying. With it's built-in browser capabilities, there is no need to have many programs open when studying. You can simply take your mock exam and view your results with helpful tips and explanations on incorrect answers, and view the Adobe Flex 3 livedocs website in real-time to verify your information. It is our opinion that if you meet Adobe's minimum requirements for the exam, and study the information given in this program and feel confident that you understand it, you should have no problem walking out on your actual test date with the certification behind you. There are definitely some surprises on the Adobe Flex exam that you may not be aware of, in fact, many Flex developers in the industry have not heard of some of the capabilities of Flex that show up on this exam.

Attest helps to point out potential gotchas in the exam for those unaware of the types of questions they will encounter in the real thing. It also not only helps developers study, but will highlight the areas they may be weaker in and allow them the chance to still go back and learn, saving their precious time and money.

Attest was created and is maintained by PXL Designs, LLC and
Rich Desktop Solutions, Inc

PXL Designs, LLC is an Adobe Solution Partner. Attest is a 3rd party, stand alone application built with Adobe AIR.


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